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Ref CA58-
What a feast awaits, and all to be eaten without moderation! A large selection of some of the finest foods and Foie Gras from the Perigord region.

 - Bloc of duck foie gras certified Perigord origin - Jar 130g 

- Special onion confit for foie gras - Jar 110g 

- Duck rillettes - tin 100g 

- Poultry liver delight in Monbazillac - Jar 200g 

- Deer and Hazelnut terrine - verrine 100g 

- Simmered duck in foie gras sauce on a bed of cepes - Jar 350g 

- Chocolate covered walnuts - Packet 100g 

- Apricots soaked in Monbazillac - Jar 200g

- Bergerac sweet white wine Marquis de Chanterac - bottle 75 cl 

- Bergerac red wine Pierre Alard selection - bottle 75 cl 

- Walnut aperitif - bottle 25 cl 

- Small wooden and inox spoon for spreading 

- Foie gras cutter

- Burgundy case 


  Price  62,90 €
Quantity :



A plentiful aperitif with all the essentials. The walnut wine should be served cold with little toats of rillettes and other terrines, it also goes very well with melon.  

The foie gras starter is accompanied by the onion confit, and a glass chilled sweet white wine (Bergerac).  

The main dish of duck and foie gras sauce on bed of mushrooms is best serverd with fresh pasta, and a light salad accompanied with some red wine. 

For the dessert : The apricots soaked in Monbazillac can be served on their own, or along side a macaroon and some chocolate covered walnuts.  


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