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Gastronomic products from the Perigord, Dordogne, France : foie gras, goose or duck preserve, gift baskets...
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Terms & Conditions of Offer

The terms and conditions below govern contracts for the sale of the gourmet products, regional, and artisanal from the Périgord region, and from the neighboring departments that work with the company PERIGORD PRODUITS Ltd. SARL Export Saveur, registered in France, and its customers. These terms and conditions apply at any time of the order. They may be modified without prior notice, and are applicable to all new orders.
As its creator, the company "Périgord Produits" owns all rights to the website This site as well as the general terms and conditions are protected by copyright and any reproduction, even partial reproduction, is strickly prohibited.

Validation provides
Validation of the order implies full and unreserved acceptance by the customer of these Terms and Conditions, which are only applicable at the time of the order. The data recorded by constitute proof of all transactions made by, and their clients. Data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.
Périgord Products reserves the right not to accept payment, so not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever: problem with in regards to the command received, problem of supply of one or more products, problem with delivery, or a technical problem ... Périgord Produits will contact the customer by phone, mail, fax or e-mail if any such cases arise.

Artisanal features
Regional gourmet products from the Perigord can be offered individually, and put in a special package: Gift boxes (card), wicker baskets, wooden case etc& . The offers on the site are not definitive, or permanent and are only valid whilst present on the site. The photos that accompany the descriptions of the products are not contractual. The offers are valid without any geographical restrictions, unless otherwise indicated.

Offer validity
Offers are valid while stocks last, and some products can be seasonal. Any extra information will appear next to an article to indicate a special product description. In the case of a command where an item ordered is missing, Périgord Produits will replace the article with an article of an equal or higher value. Any problems which may occur, Perigord Produits will phone, email, or fax the client to offer him/her another product of equal or higher value. The replacement of a product will occur only after the customer has accepted the item in which it is to be replaced with. Equally the client can also request total cancellation of the order, and a refund. .

The price of each product is a net price, in Euros, including all taxes, but with the exclusion of shipping taxes. They are subject to change at any time without notice. The items are billed in euros based on the prices listed on the site at the time of the order. The final price of the order includes the VAT, the cost of the cost of handling, packaging and transport. You can get your invoice by going to your client account under "track your order."

Rules are set by the European Union.

Delivery to an EU country - for any shipment to the billing address
1) If the recipient is not subject to VAT a French VAT invoice is included.
2) If the recipient is subject to VAT they will be invoiced with a French VAT identification number (TVA Intracommunautaire) from the recipient.
- For any shipment GIFT paid in France
1) French VAT bill.
All deliveries outside the European Union:
1) Billing exemption from taxes and duties.

Orders are payable in euros only. For the payment on the website, we use MUTUAL CREDIT for a secure payment. After confirming your order, please enter your credit card number, and expiry date on the Crédit Mutuel payment server.
The payment server automatically asks for a request of authorization from the Bank. The authorisation is sent to you via email as a confirmation or "receipt of payment" containing all the necessary information of the transaction (number, amount, date, no trade) and received authorisation, then sent to the Perigord Produits for information, and processing. Following authorisation your order will be prepared and shipped to you without delay.

By using the secure payment method on our website, at no time will Périgord Products see a clients card number.
You can use one of the following payment cards: EUTROCARD / MASTERCARD, VISA, CB. If you do not want to pay by credit card, you can choose to pay:
- with your PayPal account.
- By check, with printed order form sent to us in the post.
- By phone, tell us your credit card number and its expiry date.
A confirmation is required for a written order (post, fax or e-mail) in order for the preparation to take place.
- By bank Debit MUTUAL CREDIT

Do you need extra information? FAQ

Shipping costs
Périgord Produits has chosen to pay part of the postage. Your participation is based on the total weight of your parcel, and country of destination. All our products can be shipped to various countries, unless the government is otherwise contrary, and has specific requirements, and all other areas or countries excluded by postal services.

Delay and delivery
- The preparation of your order is treated as soon as possible.

Once payment has been confirmed, we will inform you via e-mail that you orders being prepared. Your order will arrive within two days of shipment in France and to international countries unless otherwise specified. At the end of the year i.e. Christmas and New Year the preparation time is longer and can take between 6 to 8 days. Shipments are made Monday through to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
The preparation time is worked out as accurately as possible by the number of working days. It also depends on the availability of the products, size of the order, and the time of year (Orders placed at the end of the year may take longer). For shipments outside the European Union: the two day delay will be respected in subject to the time taken obtaining veterinary and customs certificates (if necessary), and will be shipped upon receipt of all required documents.
To ensure that delivery is made as soon as possible, it is mandatory to indicate the name and telephone number of the recipient. It is not recommended to send a parcel to a post office or to a PO Box address. If a person or company recipients have a PO box, (even if you specify a postal delivery address), the package will be delivered to the post office box's designated post office and without a notice of delivery from the postman.

Time of delivery of the order:

Once your order is handed over to the Post Office Officer or the carrier, Périgord Produits will not be liable for any lengthy or irregular routings, any damage to the goods due to a late collection or non collection of these goods by the buyer.
Routing delays will not give rise to a countercharge, damages, nor a cancellation of the current order.
If however, your order has not been delivered within 30 days we would offer either a new delivery time, or the cancellation of your order and/or your money back.

The buyer bears the risk relating to the carriage of goods. On receipt of your package, before opening it, check its condition. Should you find signs of package damage or deterioration, state your reservations to the carrier in person and write your findings on the delivery note. The Post Office or the carrier, as necessary, should be advised in writing, by registered post with receipt of any damage or deterioration, with a copy to Périgord Produits.
Once any damages or deterioration have been found, we would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible to enable us to assist you with the procedures.
EXPRESS : TNT ou Chronopost 24 H
EXPRESS : TNT ou Chronopost - CORSICA 48 H
4 à 10 days
EXPRESS : TNT ou Chronopost 3 à 5 days
EUROPE NORMAL : Poste 4 à 10 days
EXPRESS : TNT ou Chronopost 2 à 3 days
(Excluding zones or countries excluded from postal services) EXPRESS : TNT ou Chronopost 4 à 7 days

In the case that the recipient is absent, the parcel will be returned to the nearest Relais Colis (if parcel sent by TNT), or at to the nearest post office (if parcel sent by normal post). You will be notified of this. In the interest of our clients, we may use national or international transport services for reasons that we feel would be beneficial.
For all Colissimo or international postal services, a signature of confirmation is required upon delivery.
Delivery times shown are used as guidance only, and are not to be considered as binding. Time specified in working days does not include an "act of God", extraordinary event or circumstance nor postal or transport delays.
Once your order has been delivered to the transporter, Périgord Produits can not be held responsible for any delayed delivery times, or damage that may occur in the case where a buyer is late retrieving the product.
Exceedances of delivery times cannot give rise to, retained packages, damaged packages, or to order cancellations. However, if your order has not been delivered within 30 days after shipment (60 days for shipments outside the European Union), and concludes the loss of the package, we will offer either a reshipment or the package, or reimburse you.
Shipments by post, by TNT or Chronopost are limited to 30 kg. Anything over 30kg, we use national or international transport services. For freight shipments, we thank you to contact us in order to discuss the best solution with the best price.
The risk of transporting goods is always held by the buyer even with the transporter Franco. Upon reception always check for damage before opening it. If you notice any damage or deterioration of the package, verify the package in the presence of the transporter, and write down all observations on the delivery note. Any damage or deterioration found should will be reported within three days by registered mail with a receipt of acknowledgement at the Post Office or transporter whichever is more appropriate, and a copy to be sent to Périgord Produits.Whatever the damage or deterioration found, in order to help you, we would appreciate it if you could inform us as soon as possible.
If the customer wishes to ship products to two different addresses, it is necessary to make two orders. If the delivery address contains errors, or contains inaccurate or incomplete information. This could lead to redirection of the parcel to Périgord Produits, in which the resulting costs will be at the customers own charge.

Taxes and customs regulations
Taxes and customs regulations are set by the European Union. Delivery to outside the European Union, and overseas countries or territories (DOM TOM) : - any customs duties, taxes, fees or other charges are charged to the to the recipient. The amount depends on the rules and regulations put in place by each country. Périgord Produits has no control over these charges, and cannot predict their amount. According to the different customs rules and regulations for each country, the customer has to check prior with local authorities for any importation restrictions on the country of destination for the products that they wish to order.

Excise duties on wines and spirits

Rules and regulations are set by the European Union.
Delivery to a country of the European Union :
- if the recipient does not have authorised warehouse status or is not a registered trader, including GIFT items : French taxes are included.
- If the recipient is an authorised warehouse keeper or a registered trader : Tax duty is free.
Delivery to outside the European Union:
- French tax exemption, all taxes are at the customers charge.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation.

All our products are guaranteed and are subject to all care and compliance necessary. If an item is defective, we thank you for sending us the article back in its original packaging. We will then exchange or refund you with a credit. All damaged articles returned, will not be reimbursed by compensation.

For a gift sent outside the European Union, are obliged, we are obliged to add a Pro Forma invoice which includes a description of the merchandise, and its price so that there is no delay at customs.

Party obligations
Périgord Produits takes charge of the command only once it has been paid for. After payment, the delivery to the client will be assumed within the specified time requested. The customer has to indicate a precise address to Perigord Produits, so that the delivery can be made during normal working hours.

Garantie Satisfied or Reimbursed
Under Article L121-16 of the Consumer Code warranty, the customer has a period of seven working days, from the date of receipt of the order, in order to return products in exchange or refund, without financial penalty, except for the return shipping costs. Perigord Produits cannot accept returned goods where the used by date has been expired.
If the package and / or products are returned unopened and still in their original packaging: a reimbursement of the package and / or product and any shipment costs will be made. If the package and / or products are returned unopened and still in their original packaging, but returned because you are not satisfied: reimbursement of the package and / or product return costs will be at your own expense . If the package and / or products are returned because one or more of the products are defective: a reimbursement of the package and / or products, along with shipping costs and possible return costs will be made.
Refunds will be made within fifteen days of the receipt of the returned goods. In the case of any returned merchandise to Perigord Produits, please indicate with precision your name, address, date, order ref number, and your phone number.

The products that we give to the carrier are under the responsibility of Perigord Produits, and are in compliance with French regulations. After shipping, any product exposed to heat or damaged for any reason can not be guaranteed by Périgord products. It is recommended to keep these products in a cool, dry place. The transfer of risks to products sent from Perigord Produits, occurs upon the handing over of the products to the Post Office or carrier.
It is for the customer to check beforehand and under their sole responsibility that the importation, and consumption of the products comply within the laws of the country of delivery. The buyer is solely responsible for the choice of products, their storage, and their use from the date of delivery.

All orders from have full customer support without any restriction, in the Périgord Produit General terms and Conditions. In case of dispute, our customer service is at your disposal to settle any misunderstanding or arguement in the best way possible. In all cases a reply will be given to any request for information or any claim made, either by: letter, phone call or fax. The process for any claim made will be dealt with within 10 days from the date of reception at our office.
In accordance to Law No. 80335 of the 12th of May 1980, all goods shipped remain the property of Périgord products until full payment has been made. Unless otherwise specified on the invoice, payment means cash without discount upon receipt of the invoice. No discount is made for early for all other payment methods payment. In addition, in the case of delay of more than 30 days from the date on the invoice the customer will be charged extra with a penalty of 20% of the outstanding amounts (minimum 30 euros), without prior notice, and without prejudice to the legal interest and costs in the event of legal action.
In the case of late payment the customer will be penalized without any forewarning necessary. All unpaid amounts will bare interest at 1.5 times the legal interest rate plus VAT. Penalties start without fail the day after settlement date on the invoice. Any dispute relating to the sale will be subject to French law before a qualified Commercial Court in Brive.

Customer Service
Our customer service is available daily at during normal working hours.

Nathalie MENOIRE
Périgord Produits
Sarl Saveur Export 4 passage Emile Pagnon 19100 Brive France
Tel +33 5 55 24 12 20 or +33 6 77 75 03 Fax +33 5 31 60 59 04

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